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What Is Don't Tell Me How To Ruin My Life?

I've been working on a book about my life. I have about 200 pages written but every time I think I've reached a good point to close it out – MORE FUCKED UP SHIT HAPPENS!! Rather than going through the minutia of painfully editing all 200 pages, I am going to release it and bite-sized chunks this blog: donttellmehowtoruinmylife.com.

The author don't tell me how to ruin my life Jason Quinlan

What Is “Don't Tell Me How To Ruin My Life?”

Everyone tells me, “Your Charlie Sheen bashing blog is excellent!”

Fact: That was never the intention.

Don’t Tell Me How To Ruin My Life is the title of my autobiography. For fear of legal reprisal, The Charlie Sheen Incident was (ironically) the chapter I intended to omit!

You might be aware; I broke the “Charlie Sheen has HIV story” four days preceding Sheen’s announcement and mainstream media coverage. Some credit me with “forcing his hand”.

I’m not sure that is true, but someone was listening.

Here is the Google Analytics to prove it:

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In its wake, I've been the subject of tabloid stories, Fox news interviews and national radio tours.

Oddly enough, two weeks ago, this domain didn't exist….

Registration info don't tell me how to run my life

I hacked together the original post in 3 hours and there is the grammmar mistakes to prove it.


I felt the attacks in France (rightfully) took the spotlight from (arguably) the biggest entertainment story this decade.

Four years, I've known of Charlie's shenanigans. I've kept my mouth shut, but not to protect him. I have two friends, now mothers, who rely on Sheen's hush-money to feed their family.

When I published on 11/14/2015, I was immediately inundated with an onslaught of hacking attempts, calls from lawyers, and panic from those on Sheen's payroll to take it down. I never imagined it would get so big. I only told my story, as legit as possible, so people had NO CHOICE but to believe it.


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If they sue me: Then what? Do they want my $600 in the bank or my house in foreclosure?

A man with nothing has nothing to lose.

I was warned: “Charlie has lawyers who can do crazy things I didn't know lawyers could do!” Yeah, like paying blogs $10,000 per post to remove anything with a correlation between “Charlie Sheen” and “HIV“?

Had I known that, I would've published this blog four years ago, wrote one page per week containing the same headline and be a wealthy man now. I know search engines well, yet it was an enigma why my Google Alert for “Charlie Sheen HIV” never popped once in those 48 months.

Hindsight is 20/20.

This is the last I am going to touch on “the C-man”; unless something ultra-scandalous or revolting surfaces.

I'm sure it will.

Let's get back on topic: Who am I and why should you read anything I write?


Who am I?

Jason Quinlan

Born: 9/11/1971 in Norwich, CT (Age 45) – the picture above is recent 🙂
Lives In: Los

Nationality: Italian / Irish

Political Leanings: Left / Liberal

Live In: Los Angeles, CA

Profession: Internet Marketer / Musician / Udemy Instructor

Best Know For: Exposing Charlie Sheen, Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles, #1 Rated Jerry Spring Guest, Veteran Ex-Pornographer (now anti-porn), SEO Marketing Expert, Former Drug Dealer, Ex-Felon, Blogger, Cat Lover, LSD Proponent, Pacifist, Tuberculosis Survivor

This Blog Has Been Recognized By The New York Times, New Your Daily News, Daily Mail UK, Perez Hilton, TMN.com, Mirror.Co UK, and much more.

Founder: OCCash, NuVision Media, OC Modeling, JQ Media, JM Digital Marketing

Former Associates: John JC Baumgartner, Morgan Mcnerny, Sandra McCarthy

Worth Noting:
I am in the process of stripping this site of all affiliate links and advertising if you enjoy reading this blog, I do accept donations, but they are completely voluntary. I hope someday to make this a book.

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