About “Don’t Tell Me How To Ruin My Life”


What Is Don't Tell Me How To Ruin My Life?

I've been working on a book about my life. I have about 200 pages written but every time I think I've reached a good point to close it out – MORE FUCKED UP SHIT HAPPENS!! Rather than going through the minutia of painfully editing all 200 pages, I am going to release it and bite-sized chunks this blog: donttellmehowtoruinmylife.com.

The author don't tell me how to ruin my life Jason Quinlan

Who am I?

Jason Quinlan

Born: 9/11/1971 in Norwich, CT (Age 45) – the picure above is recent 🙂
Lives In: Los

Nationality: Italian / Irish

Political Leanings: Left / Liberal

Live In: Los Angeles, CA

Profession: Internet Marketer / Musician / Udemy Instructor

Best Know For: Exposing Charlie Sheen, Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles, #1 Rated Jerry Spring Guest, Veteran Ex-Pornographer (now anti-porn), SEO Marketing Expert, Former Drug Dealer, Ex-Felon, Blogger, Cat Lover, LSD Proponent, Pacifist, Tuberculosis Survivor

This Blog Has Been Recognized By: The New York Times, New Your Daily News, Daily Mail UK, Perez Hilton, TMN.com, Mirror.co UK, and many more.

Founder: OCCash, NuVision Media, OC Modeling, JQ Media, JM Digital Marketing

Former Associates: John JC Baumgartner, Morgan Mcnerny, Sandra McCarthy