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Donald Carlos Seoane aka “Donny Long’s” Hacking and Negative SEO Sucks!

Notorious recist and internet terrorist Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long Porn Wikileaks and

Hey Donny Long: Trying To Hack / Negative SEO Me? Don't Worry Bro, I've Got This!

I'll have this fixed right up. Your attack isn't my first rodeo. A valiant attempt that might have worked 4 years ago. Who knows, you might have even given me a boost. I don't need to build links, people just share.

Let me remind you, what you are doing is illegal. The hacking is, anyway. The negative SEO, I know how to handle without even having to disavow. Google knows I didn't ask for or want your spam.

A feeble attempt, actually, most irritating.

You Almost Got Away With It?


ocm negative SEO


It's a good thing because you almost got away with it. I am kind of like the Edward Snowden of the porn industry.

I know who is responsible for the ongoing attacks on my servers and hacking into my bank accounts.


Here Come More Truth Soup!


Let me see if I can map this out?


Donald Carlos Seoane: 5000 of the Worst Links on Earth Can't Hold Me Back



5000 of the most crappy links on the Internet couldn't hold me back. They all came from the same guy: Donald Carlos Seoane, a.k.a. Donny Long who is best known for PornWikiLeaks (a once a conriversial site, but gets about 20 hits a day now).

Hey Donny, if you're going to try to hack someone, you should cover your tracks a little better.

That said, I've got something for your ass.

The best defense is a good offense, right?

So you like terrorizing people on the Internet? Let's get this fucking party started!

The next post will have your name, location, criminal records and photos sent to Interpol.

Let's get this fucking party started! Donald Carlos Seoane: You can't hide in Thailand (or Miami) forever.

Let's bring this shit, Donald Carlos

PS: Hey Donny, if you are reading this (and I know you are) Google your real name!

While Donny is in the us he is claiming to not the owner of PornWikiLeaks, even thought this is not perefct, because people use CloudFlare for privacy (including groups like ISIS) you can see a patten developing.

I bet you had a blast leaking all of those girl's personal info on PornWikiLeaks for so many years.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

You do dirt, you get dirt.


PS: I find it hilarious how he doesn't want his name on the internet! Lol, talk about hipocacy, I love the 4th grade all caps. It really drives the message home


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