If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say: Don’t Say It?

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The Descent Continues

Let me see…last three years have been a downward spiral. I lost my house, car, got run over by a truck, lost ability to play guitar (probably the biggest blow), insurance, my bike, got my identity stolen, can't go to the gym anymore because of this stupid Ulnar nerve injury,

I had to go to court 5 times to beat a completely frivolous civil complaint (even though I won, I lost after lawyer fees, don't really have a place to live, I can't feel half of my right hand — I'm sure there's more suffering lost in the haze. People always want to blame drugs or alcohol. All my “friends” have left me for dead.


I was expecting that.


The fact is, you don't see me. I'm a recluse. I don't like people. You don't know what the fuck I do. I've been the soberest I've ever been in my life: IT SUCKS!

As far as the rest goes: I don't steal, I'm a man of my word, I have a good work ethic, I help people when I can…

I can tell you what day all of the started and spiraled downward: October 8th, 2013:


Fuck all you greedy bastards.


No matter what I try to do life just sucks more and more. Suicide doesn't even interest me. I'm a sadomasochist I want to see how much I can suffer.

I'm sure there are some schadenfreude human-trafficking motherfuckers out there reading this with the enjoyment.

It not like I want my life to suck, no matter what I do life just keeps smacking me down.

People say “it's all up from here”, but is it?


The was no point to this article.

Just venting.


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6 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say: Don’t Say It?”

  1. I wish things were better for you. You’ve got your health, don’t take it for granted. Eight years ago I was making six figures a year and had it all. After 22 weeks in two hospitals, I was in a coma for four years. Woke up in a nursing home, partially paralyzed, and amnesia. Five classic cars, house, all I owned plus all $$$ I had went to seven figure hospital bills. You can walk, speak clearly, remember yesterday and aren’t in constant pain despite morphine three times daily. You can teach music, do online stuff, and give online marketing courses. Get on GFY, tell your past success and offer a class package $$500 per person teaches you how to make. $$500 a day. Go to other forums and mention it. Put up a site about it and SEO it to death. Sit on your ass and make bank.

    1. Hey man, thanks for your support, as you can see by some of the other comments I don’t get a lot of respect even on my own blog.

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