Fuck Tucker Max! I Hope Plagiarism Sells In Hell!

Fuck Tucker Max! I Hope Plagiarism Sells In Hell!

Somebody told me I should model my career after Tucker Max. It may sound crazy, but it's 100% correct. Tucker Max is from Atlanta, and so am I. I was writing the homepages for Consumption Junction back in the late 1990s. When that guy's book came out, a lot of the things he did from the storytelling to the unorthodox style of “timeline” writing (because I don't know how to write) plagiarized from me and the other writers there (especially Paul).

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I tried to read “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” which didn't come out to 2009 and read about two chapters before I almost threw up all over myself. #Truthsoup

I am going to search around my computer or archive.org for those old posts, and you will see what I'm saying.

I know that book made a grip of money.

Shouldn't there have been a follow-up by now?


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