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Trapped In Purgatory (With A Pinched Nerve)

Trapped in purgatory, A lifeless object alive, Awaiting reprisal and Death their acquiescence – http://www.songlyrics.com/slayer/reign-in-blood-lyrics/

Purgatory and Pinched Nerves

Perhaps, I haven't been clear enough in all the Charlie Sheen Nonsense, exposing prostitution rings, exposing shady accounting, Jerry Springer, the police in south Georgia that my number one vocation in life is playing guitar. I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I'm damn good at it.

Even when I wasn't practicing with a band, I would pick up the guitar for 30 minutes to an hour a day, if to do nothing else than practice scales and keep my chops up.

One of my main reasons for moving back to Atlanta is because I am a relatively well-respected guitar player here. I've been here for five weeks, and I figured I would be in six bands by now.

Here is the caveat, upon arriving in Atlanta, I realized I couldn't play guitar at all. I developed a strange weakness and numbness in my right hand that made it impossible for me to play. I can barely move my pinky and ring finger. The best way to describe it is when a string vibrated beneath my finger it creates a sensation I can only describe as rubbing your fingers on a chalkboard.

Here is an approximation of the route I took from Los Angeles to Atlanta., because of the numerous detours what I thought would be a 35 to 40-hour drive wound up taking around 50 hours. Having my elbow resting on that god damned door was almost definitely the culprit.

I was driving alone. I figured if it was a 35-hour trip I could split it into three days driving 12 hours a day with no problem.


1. I was planning to leave LA on the morning of June 15 just after traffic. As the day went on, delay after delay kept me from  getting on the road until after 7 PM. I drew for as long as I could and reach New Mexico.

2. The next day I was hoping to make up time but is soon as I started driving the mirror of my truck fell off, there were road word detours everywhere, and the battery mysteriously started having problems even though it was brand-new. Because these of delays I only made as far as Oklahoma

3. The third day, I said “Fuck it, I don't care how long I have to drive, I am going to make it the rest of the way to Atlanta starting around 9 AM. So I totally white-knuckled the drive from Oklahoma to reach Birmingham and Atlanta's morning rush hour and got to ATL after 25 hours of driving straight stopping only for gas and gummy bears.

While I'm far from a physician, I have a pretty good idea what happened. Having my elbow in that position for that many days and that many hours entraped my Ulnar nerve. I don't want to be a hypochondriac and expect the worst, but at this point, I've become accustomed the worst happening.

Nerves extend from your brain and spinal cord, sending important messages throughout your body. If you have a pinched nerve (nerve compression), your body may send you warning signals such as pain. Don't ignore these warning signals.

Damage from a pinched nerve may be minor or severe. It may cause temporary or long-lasting problems. The earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment for nerve compression, the more quickly you'll find relief.

In some cases, you can't reverse the damage from a pinched nerve. But treatment usually relieves pain and other symptoms.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/pinched-nerve-in-or-near-the-elbow-topic-overview

To make matters worse, just before leaving California I let my healthcare insurance lapse, meaning if I needed some operation I wouldn't have the cash to do it. I've seen a chiropractor a few times but it made no difference.

So, I have been existing and purgatory here in Atlanta. I've been putting ice on my arm; I haven't been doing anything that would cause more elbow inflammation such as riding my bike are going to the gym, hell, I've even lost my interesting going out and trying to make money and attain marketing clients.

On the bright side, I'm working to use this time in purgatory to finish what I've been trying to do for three years: finish writing Don't Tell Me How To Ruin My Life.

If so many things hadn't happened I would be done by now, but a lot of the chapters of this blog we're never in the original manuscript.

Once I get done with that, I might just decide to go out like my literary Hero Hunter S Thompson<. At 44 years old it wasn't like I was expecting to be a rockstar or anything. Playing guitar is just something I loved above all other things.

PS: this isn't a call to start a bunch of GoFindMe crap. One way or another, I will figure it out or I won't.

PSS: Thank you to everyone who is been supportive and has tried to make this easier on me. 🙂

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