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The Precipitous Decline Continues

Like A Rolling Stone (Slight Return)

“Ain't it hard when you discovered that, He wasn't where it's at, After he took from you everything he could steal.” – Bob Dylan

Hi readers,

Sorry, I haven't been publishing as much recently. I haven't had time to write the standard 700-3000 word epic post, I spend 12 to 14 hours on them sometimes.For the time being. I figured it would be easier to switch to blog VLOG for a bit.

I was planning on telling stories about my past; I've been under a tremendous amount of stress, but my future is getting just as interesting (not in a good way) as prior war stories. With my iPhone, I'm going to be bringing a lot of future updates and VLOGS.

In case you've been wondering what this straitjacket mayhem on Youtube was about:

The last few months of my life have been Hell On Earth, as all of 2015. By June 15th (2 weeks from now) I'm getting booted out of my house, I've lived in for ten years and loved, and I am selling off everything I own. To make a long story short, ten years ago I came out to LA.

I made a lot of money for a lot of people, but they ultimately double-crossed me. This leaves me where I am now.

You assholes know who you are.

If Karma is a real thing, I hope you suffer in the most horrendous way possible. I don't have to name names; you know who the fuck who you are. Get fucking cancer and die slow.

The Call Me Deacon Blues from Jason Quinlan on Vimeo.


Note to self: when trying to do up VLOG, turn the fucking camera the right direction! I promise I will get better at this!!

Here a video of what will be palatial abode. I will be living full-time starting on August 15. I will only have the clothes on my back, a guitars and my computer stuff.

This video was recorded a few years ago in happier times. This will be my new home, at least for the immediate future. It comes complete with indoor tennis courts, an adjacent indoor tennis court, butler's quarters, a private screening room, and (of course) a baller hot tub (illustrated in this video).

if you are in the Dirty, Dirty – I'll see you there soon and look for upcoming Dick Delicious as well as some other music projects most likely!

On the bright side. It will be good to see my real friends again.

Nah, fuck that shit. I hope I get killed on the 36-hour drive.


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