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Pinterest SEO Tricks: My First Internet Marketing Course

Please Pardon Me for a Brief Commercial Interruption

Please pardon the interruption in this debauchery for a brief commercial announcement. As much as I like to share the stories about my life, I also need to keep a roof over my head. I just completed my first Internet marketing course based on the popular social media platform Pinterest. I am really proud of how it came out and I went the extra mile to make sure this training would knock your socks off.


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As some of you may know, I have been doing Internet marketing for nearly 20 years now. One of the things that always helped me stay ahead was I used slightly on orthodox methods. One of them was being in the early adopter of Pinterest. I am proud to announce my first Internet marketing course “Pinterest SEO Tricks”. It’s some fairly cutting edge stuff in my opinion. There are even a few of my methods that don’t even have names yet: Such as “map stacking”, “defensive pinning”, “pin silos”, “tag Pinning” and the soon to be infamous and dreaded “Thunderpin” which may soon become part of the SEO vernacular.

I over-delivered and should be charging more. If you were serious about your Internet Marketing am want something different then lame courses about Facebook ads or some other kind of scammy CPA offer, you will get your $7 worth.

The training comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a private Facebook group, and you can even ask me questions one-on-one in the forum.

If you are into Internet marketing or run a small business you might be shocked at how powerful over promotional tool pay Pinterest is. If you don't give a crap about online marketing, then please pardon the interruption I need to make a living too!

Check it out:

Thing covers a lot:

SECTION 1: Pinterest Basics
Lesson 1:

Why Pinterest / Pinterest Intro
Lesson 2:

Setting Up Your Pinterest “Master Account.”
SECTION 2: Hiding Your Footprint
Lesson 3:

The Advantage of Making Your Pinterest Sexy
Lesson 4:

Link building and Orphaned Accounts
Lesson 5:

Adding Promotional Posts To Your Master Board
SECTION 3: Pinterest For Business
Lesson 6:

How To Use Pinterest For Business
Lesson 7:

How to Pin with Speed and Etiquette
SECTION 4: TagsPinning, Geotagging and Schema Data
Lesson 8:

“TagPinning” 101
SECTION 5: Top 10 Result in Less Than 24 Hours
Lesson 9:

An Un-Expected Case Study
Lesson 10:

Pinning Tags and Adding NAP Data
Lesson 11:

GeoTagging Your Pins
SECTION 6: Thunderpinning
Lesson 12:

The Soon to Be Infamous and Dreaded “ThunderPin.”
Lesson 13:

The “Thunderpining” To Blogger
Lesson 14:

Rich Pins and Schema Data
Lesson 15:

Pinterest “Map Stacking”
SECTION 7: Advanced RSS
Lesson 16:

Advanced Pinterest RSS Techniques
SECTION 8: “Pin Silos”: Tying Everything Together Through Your Master Board
Lesson 17:

Returning To Your Master Board
SECTION 9: Mass Link Building
Lesson 18:

Embedding Pinterest Widgets and Mass Link Building
SECTION 10: Epilogue

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