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My Interview From the Morning Radio Show Tour

My Interview From the Morning Radio Show Tour

I thought this was cool, so I posted it. I found a Soundcloud of my radio interview on 1051 The Blaze.

Updated: 8/1/2016 – There seems to be a lot of broken links here, I'm not even sure that this show is still on they were all question about the Charlie Sheen Hiv thing.

There were a bunch of other radio interviews but I don't know if there are more audio archives.

This is the Facebook reaction from when I spilled the beans about Charlie Sheen having HIV on the Heidi and Frank Show. It is kind of funny to read now.

Lastly, here is my personal soundcloud with every band I've ever played in, as well as a bunch of home recordings, if you are interested:

I am getting ready to drop another chapter of the book, so stay tuned.


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