Dr. Robert Huizenga Just As Guilty As Charlie Sheen In HIV Cover-up

It is amazing nobody is bringing this up: Celebrity doctor Dr. Robert Huizenga is just as responsible for the HIV cover-up as Charlie himself! A Harvard graduate, Mr. Huizenga isn't stupid, but how could he be so cavalier? He implicated himself as an enabler in Charlie's web of deception in The Today Show interview.

See video…

This applies to reporting all new cases of HIV infection, it doesn't matter if a physician diagnosis it or prescribes medication: It is a requirement you report your HIV+ patient by name to the health department.

Here is the California law…

H&S Code Section 121022(a) requires health care providers and clinical laboratories to report HIV infection by patient name to the local health officer, and mandates local health officers to report unduplicated HIV cases by patient name to CDPH. CCR, Title 17, Sections 2641.5-2643.20 provide specificity for reporting cases of HIV – https://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/aids/Documents/RPT2010_01HIVAIDSLaws2009.pdf

I know from first-hand experience.

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In my first post, Charlie Sheen told Girl #1, “Don't worry, I will make an appointment with my doctor” when she was understandably distressed by posthumously discovering his HIV+ condition. Guess who Sheen's the doctor was?

Dr. Robert Huizenga.

Why did Sheen insist she go his personal doctor; rather than a random clinic? If tested positive, she wouldn't be reported to the Health Department and throw a monkey wrench in Sheen's playboy lifestyle!

That is how much of a sociopath Charlie is!

A celebrity doctor isn't nearly as interesting to the tabloid media an “A-list actor”, but you cannot ignore the fact this man broke his Hippocratic Oath by failing to report a life threatening infection.

In closing, here is another interesting fact about Dr. Robert Huizenga. He was called as a witness for the defense in the OJ Trials in 1995.

More proof, if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

It's been one hell of a week,

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19 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Huizenga Just As Guilty As Charlie Sheen In HIV Cover-up”

  1. Huizinga is a sick and twisted man, you can tell from watching him and listening to him speak. He also strikes me as gay, and HIV+, not that that is a bad thing, but I can see how he is so comfortable lying for Charlie Sheen.

    That said, I will be reaching out to my now NUMEROUS contacts at the CA Dept. of Health, citing the law you posted and linking to this post, as well as his appearance on the Today Show.

    Thank you for the info, I will keep you in the loop. πŸ™‚

    1. I learned about the health department and how they must Report all cases the hard way. I had tuberculosis. It is an airborne disease and not sexually transmitted. The case I had was a rare form which formed in the plurala of my chest cavity, so I never coughed out all.

      When I was leaving the hospital, the doctor told me there was little chance I had spread the illness to anyone else, but they had no other choice but to turn me into the health department. They have signed an officer to my case and I had to tell them everyone I had even been in close quarters with for the last six months and they also came by my house and monitored my medication. It was like being on probation and it was a pain in the ass.

      From that experience, but I have come to learn that they deal with HIV exactly the same way. Most of the cases the health department gets more HIV parients because it is a lot more common than tuberculosis. In the case of HIV, they will contact anyone you had sexual relations with but they don’t use your name and simply inform the person that they have been exposed to HIV and should come down to the health department for testing. So, Charlie Sheen wouldn’t have even been named if the doctor had simply followed protocol.

      I don’t see why he gets to get out of this trouble and I don’t.

      1. I am a patient advocate and I completely understand the stringent action taken with HIV and TB….among other infectious diseases. What I do NOT agree with is why Charlie Sheen has been excused of this reporting. Ultimately, I am certain that because of it, he has infected people with this deadly disease.

        I want to thank you again for speaking out courageously. Putting your name out there in the media is not easy, especially in this context. I commend you.

        I did send emails to several high ranking employees at the CA Dept. of Health. I will keep you abreast of the developments.


  2. This is absurd.
    Noone really knows what happened with Charlie Sheen and it seems like you’re just looking to make some money off this, like all the other leeches.
    If you were that concerned you should have reported to the health department rather than go on salacious and cheap news sites advertising the fact that you know ‘info’ we don’t.
    It reeks of trying to make a quick buck off a celebrity.
    unfortunately you wont, instead you just look desperate.

    1. I think everything I said was pretty well vetted buy Charlie Sheen’s interview on the today show, timeframes and everything. I am like every other person in this world, I have a job, I am an Internet marketer and I’m trying to make a living

  3. What a loser you are, a leech on humanity. Poor poor poor loser, is it any wonder you fucked up your life so badly that you lost it all and now you try to ride the coat tails of anyone you possibly can. Jay the loser!

    1. No, Charlie Sheen is a leach on humanity… You are a comment troll completely incapable of creating a blog with his much viral influence as I will ever do. Go suck a dick in hell you fucking faggot

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