Fact: Charlie Sheen Has HIV!

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Fact: Charlie Sheen Has HIV!

This story has haunted my conscience for approximately four years. If this news and the presidential election were the same day: I'm not sure which story would get more coverage! Temporarily, due to the tragic terror attack in Paris, Charlie Sheen dodged the media's bullet, but the charade is coming to an end…

Not only does he have HIV — he's knowingly slept with hundreds of women while fully cognizant of his HIV+ status.

How do I know? Let me explain…

For purposes of this story, I am NOT using real names. The two women affected by Charlie’s megalomania have moved on with their lives and are mothers. Girl #1 was a procurer of “talent” for Mr. Sheen and a dear friend. Girl #2 was an up-and-coming porn star, who suddenly disappeared.

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I used to work in the adult business. It was no secret Charlie has a taste for porn girls. These events transpired during height Charlie Sheen delusion: his departure from Two and a Half Man, the “winning,” and erratic TV interviews.

Charlie was America's anti-hero and very much “A-List” in his right.


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About six years ago, I met Girl #1 at The Rainbow Bar in LA.


I knew she was a porn star, but she had a butch-dyke girlfriend. At first, I assumed she was a full-on lesbian and didn’t have an interest in guys outside of “work.” She was attractive, hilarious, fun and smart. She also had the strong pimp hand with the girls. We’d go to clubs in Hollywood together; I would say, “Go round up ten girls. I want them naked in my hot tub. I’ll give you 50$ a head!” Nine times out of ten she would succeed and never asked for the money. Like says, “Guys don't have girls for friends. They just have girls they haven't fucked — YET!” There is a lot of truth to that joke. After two years, we started banging. We didn't ever “date” — just were fuck-buddies.

She had a girlfriend who’d been going over to Charlie's house to party for years. One night, she was introduced to him at dinner, and it wasn't long before she became Charlie’s paid wing-woman — bringing girls over his house and banging him for pay. The situation went on for over six months, yet we never went over two weeks without crossing paths. Suddenly, for three or four months, she went completely off the radar — her phone number changed, Facebook deleted — everything. One night, I got a call from a blocked number. It was her: “Hey, I’m in Hollywood, let's go have drinks.”

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When we met, she looked strung-out; she hadn’t been taking care of herself. She always had a problem with meth, but you I could see she’d been going harder than normal. I don’t judge. I like to tell people, “I tried meth once: From 1992 to 1999. It was a one long-ass day.” We went out, got hammered and then back to her apartment. She broke out a meth pipe immediately. I did a couple of hits, remembered why I quit and stuck to the beer while she puffed away. I asked if she was still going to Charlie's. She responded, “Not for months” and went on to say they weren’t “talking.” I asked what happened. She explained, “I had brought this girl over to his house he requested for a threesome. After the girl had left, I was laying in bed with him, and he asked (very nonchalantly) if I could go to the bathroom and get me. I thought he was making some sick joke. I’d been having unprotected sex with him almost year along with 50 other girls at the minimum.”

She described how she went into the bathroom and there was the HIV cocktail with his name on the prescriptions. So she took a picture of the bottles before bringing him his pills. I listened in disbelief. I said, “Whoa hang on! Back up. Are you serious?” She said, “Yes.” Then she broke down and explained that’s why she disappeared on a Belushi-sized bender — not knowing how to cope and too scared to get tested. I asked, “What she was going to do about it?”

jason quinlan taylor tilden at the rainbow in Los angeles 2

I was revolted, and a bit scared because I'd been having sex with her too. I told her, “I have a friend who knows people. If Charlie's is going to pull shit like this, you may as well cash in, because it's only a matter of time some other girl does.” So, I called up my buddy. It was 4 AM, so left a message, “I have the biggest story you will ever be the part. You need to contact me ASAP.” Ten minutes later, my phone rings, twenty minutes later he's at her apartment in a bathrobe. I was sobering up, but she kept smoking and getting pretty spun. I told her to tell him exactly what she’d just said to me. When he heard, his jaw dropped. I asked, “How much is a story like this would be worth?” He replied, “Let me go talk to some people and I will come back at noon.” I got few hours sleep, and he was back at 12 sharp.

He said, “Look, TMZ would probably pay a million for a story like this, but that's taking the short money: To cash in — the money is in NOT making the story come out.” He explained he had a lawyer, who had sued Charlie Sheen many times over similar issues (like giving a girl herpes). By this time, Girl #1 still hadn’t slept and was high. When the lawyer called, I talked to him for her. He suggested meeting for dinner in a couple of days. With the state Girl #, one had deteriorated into; I didn't feel like she had days to spare. We needed to handle this now! She was afraid of Charlie. I told her to get her stuff and come to my house.6 PM that night The Lawyer came by, and she still hadn't slept and was barely completing sentences, so I explained the situation. I told her to show him her phone with the pictures and text messages. He took a look and said I would go buy another iPhone right now if he can keep this one, then went into a “canned personal injury lawyer” monolog how important it was to make sure she was “OK.” He insisted she get tested, probably hoping she was HIV+ so that the settlement would be higher. The next day, we both went to get HIV tests; both were (thankfully) negative. The Lawyer could see Girl #1 was not in the best condition. He asked if I'd protect his investment until he could get her into a, so she stayed with me.

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Girl #1


The next month would be a shit-show. Her hardcore methamphetamine addiction caused dramatic mood swings, paranoia, and erratic behavior. I'm a weed guy, but she was “Breaking Bad” — so it got ugly. Before they had a bed open at the rehab clinic, we were about to kill each other. The lawyer, sensing the impending victory, put up his own money for a $30,000 per month rehab in Malibu. She could get a visitor every Sunday, so I'd go and check on her. She seemed to be recovering quite well, looking better, and happy to be sober.Let's get to Girl #2. She had stayed with me a while when she fist came to LA, and I also had sex with her. She was also in Charlie’s crew of party girls, before Girl #1’s tenure. Though good sources, I heard the reason she disappeared was that she turned up and pregnant (possibly with Charlie's baby). It’s rumored Charlie set her up with a nice chunk of cash ($25 million, although I can't confirm it) to move back to Tennessee and remain silent. She did exactly that. To this day, not many have spoken to her. Rumor has it; she'd become a mother to another child after moving to Tennessee and is doing well.


Girl #2


Girl #1 got out of rehab and transferred to a beautiful quiet suburb in Calabasas, still on the lawyer's time. When negotiations finally ended, the settlement came to $10 million with the payments structured across five years to ensure silence. It looked like Girl #1 was going to turn her life around. She had distanced herself from the temptations of Hollywood porn scene, was staying in NA meetings and seemed happy. We'd hang out a couple of days a week, go to the beach, chill and watch movies. It was happy, but the brief period. One problem was, as fast as she was getting the money she was spending it. I tried to tell she needed to slow her roll and stretch the money out, but she didn't listen.

After a while, I heard from her less often; I guess she got back into meth.

However, I do feel guilty because it was business as usual at the Sheen residence and people’s health were at stake. Who knows how many women were exposed to HIV?! How can you be such a sociopath to put people’s health at risk and boast that you’re “winning”? I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. Being a tuberculosis survivor myself, I knew there's a doctor who dropped the ball by failing to report his status to the health department. When a new case of HIV or TB documented; the health department in California will force the patient to give a list of anyone they might have exposed and will track down them down for testing to prevent a further outbreak. I know: Because I’ve been there!

So many years have passed; I even began to wonder when this story would surface or was it even true? Surely, someone would have come forward by now? That was until the morning of November 13th, 2015 when I read this headline in the Daily Mail “EXCLUSIVE: Porn star who had sex with Hollywood actor secretly battling HIV fears epidemic as she reveals he has slept with at least 50 ‘adult actresses' AND transsexuals“! I knew damn well they weren't referring to Wilford Brimley! This story was the biggest news story in the world for a few hours until the Paris Attacks shifted the news coverage away. Mr. Sheen, serendipitously, dodged a bullet — unlike some unfortunate souls in Paris! The attacks just put a finger in the dam of truth! When the levee breaks, everyone will see how much of a loser America's biggest “winner” really is!

“Denial” isn't just a river in Egypt — Mr. Sheen.

The game is up.

Fact: Charlie Sheen Has HIV!



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