The Sebastian Bach Career Ender Video


“Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon, You come and go, you come and go.” – Boy George

The Sebastian Bach “Career Ender” Sex Tape!

For those who choose to watch this video: Do so at your own discretion! In a unique way, it's equally is haunting as an ISIS execution:

The Sebastian Bach Career Destroyer from Jason Quinlan on Vimeo.

Amended 12/18: it looks like Minnie Gupta filed in DMCA request. That's OK because I was going to take down the video anyways because she explained she had been dealing with harassment from him for the last two years. Honestly, I was going to apologize to her for not getting around to posting it sooner! LOL See:

If you were late to the party, this is what you missed.

The ISIS execution might be going a bit far, but you get my point.

I've had this sitting on my Vimeo account set to private for months. The footage was sent to me by my ex-girlfriend, who went on to date Sebastian Bach a few years after we broke up.

We were friends before we dated for a year and are cool to this day. She's a rad and smart girl, way out of Sebastian's league.

I thought it was an odd combo.

I always sized up Sebastian Bach is being a massive douche bag, but in the few times that I met him, he seemed like he was pretty cool.

After hearing a few horror stories from her, he must've on his best behavior because he knew her ex was present.

Initially, I didn't know why she sent it to me, but then I read he dumped her for some bimbo he just met, married her days later and charged people money to come to his wedding.

Talk about a douche move?

Can't get much douchier!

A friend suggested she was obviously hoping I’d put it on the internet.

Seeing as the whole Charlie Sheen controversy didn't exactly hurt my Alexa and I don't have anything to lose….

I said, “Fuck it” and posted “The Sebastian Bach Career Ender“.

So now I have to ask myself a question?

Am I like Jules from Pulp Fiction, “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil.” or am I a douchebag blogger taking advantage of a celebrity to get more traffic.

It helps to see people whose life and is more of a mess than mine and to look down on!

jason quinlan hallowen pulp fiction
I know one thing for sure: The world-famous penis chart from Metal Sludge can't be entirely accurate because my dick is way bigger!

Just for fun, we can put this to a vote….

JASON QUINLAN: Douchebag blogger or champion of women's rights?

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Don’t Tell Me I Can’t End My Life!

“I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn't know I could commit suicide at any time.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Check fraud Jason Quinlan
Just when you think life can't kick you in the teeth any worse, it does.

Quick recap…

1. I was completely screwed over by my piece of shit partners. That was three years ago and the beginning of my descent.

2. 2015 happened.

3. I lost my dream house, and now I'm living homeless after moving back to Atlanta.

4. The day I returned I couldn't feel any sensation in my left fingers; they were weak, and I have lost all motor skills. It winds up I came down with “cubital tunnel syndrome“, most likely caused by having my arm resting on the driver's side door on the three day trip across the country. Despite what all the trolls and the haters are saying in the comments of the blog my three favorite things to do in life is going to the gym, mountain biking and playing guitar. I haven't been able to do any of this stuff in two months, and it's likely I never will again.

5. Today I found out that I have been the victim of check fraud (see above) and what little money I had left is completely gone.

In the meantime, Charlie Sheen, who is easily 1000 times more evil of a person than I ever thought of being is slowly becoming a hero and an AIDS activist and that makes me vomit.

I still have so many more stories to tell of my “glory days,” Some of them are funny, and I probably should stick around long enough to re-account them, but at this point, I don't even feel like I'm living for pretending like there were any “good old days.”

I'm just existing.

I can exist anywhere. Right now I would prefer to be 6 feet below the ground.

If there is anyone out there, please remove the albatross from my neck or just let me die. I am beyond taking it anymore.

As a caveat, I have a bunch of stupid motherfucking trolls that ride my nuts in the comments of this blog. I am sure they will try to blame this on drugs or alcohol. The fact is, I've been basically sober for over a year now (for the most part). I suppose you are going to blame the cubital tunnel syndrome and the check fraud on the drugs?

Before you start doing that, I've made up a nice batch of blue Kool-Aid for you.

Drink it.

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Dallas Crisis Actors, False Flags, Racial Tensions and Conspiracy Theories

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.” – Wikipedia

false flag operation
First, let me start off by saying I am not one of those conspiracy nuts. I have a lot of friends who are. I am always inundated with the new conspiracy stories every time there is a major media event. The problem is for every well-informed conspiracy theorist like David Icke; there is 100 Dale Gribbles pissing in the punch bowl of truth.

Additionally, I am not a freak about the Second Amendment. In my mind, it was a  law written for a different time. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That was a simple law to put on the books when both sides had muskets and bayonets.

I get it.

These days the government has drones the size of mosquitoes that can fly in your ear and explode your brain. We may as well still have muskets to fight a corrupt government, even though our muskets are now semi-automatic.

This week I became a skeptic when I first saw Lavish Reynold's Facebook video aftermath of Philando Castile's death at the hands of law enforcement. Something didn't strike me right. I was on Twitter, with someone who is black and was afraid to say I thought that video was a fake.

Unbelievably, she agreed with me.

This video came on the heels of the shooting of Alton Sterling, whose death is still under investigation in Louisiana. Allegedly, Mr. Streling was armed and reaching for a pistol in his pocket when law enforcement had to use deadly force.

Watch the video below (beware graphic):

That is what a man who is struggling for his life looks and sounds like. And since we are on that topic why are the last words out of every cop's mouth just before squeezing the trigger, “bro” or “pal?”

Maybe fewer people would get killed if they exclaimed, “You're about to die, motherfucker!”

(7/12/1016 edit) I had to include this commentary because this guy makes and excellent point:


By the end of that week, there were the events in Dallas, which we are all too familiar. There is no gray area there? There is no faking that?

Or is there?

People don't understand this about false flag operations. It's not like everyone puts on a bunch of fake blood and then goes home, people die. Look at the king daddy of all false flag operations: 9/11/2001.

A reader of this blog on Twitter brought this to my attention. Just Google “crisis actors needed” and had the post not been removed you might find this in the Craigslist for Dallas that same week:

Crisis actors needed in DallasInstead of this:

crisis actors add removedThe government will always have the upper hand because they have one thing you will never have on them: Information (lots of it). Edward Snowden will be hung by his fingernails the day we find him.

That is why I make the argument this has nothing to do with gun-control. The populace can gather as many automatic weapons as they want. The government ultimately has complete control over the power grid, communications, transportation, the economy and almost every aspect of our daily lives. If every American possessed an Arsenal twice the size of Al Pacino's in his last stand in Scarface, there's little chance we could rise and conquer. The government simply has too much power to be stopped by bullets alone.

And watch out for those mosquitoes!

This leads me back to the beginning of this blog. I said I was not a conspiracy freak, but never claimed to be clueless. I am a huge fan of David Icke. “The Truth Will Set You Free” is perhaps the best conspiracy book ever written. I read it twice. First, not long after it was published in1996 and then the revised edition in the early 2000's where many of his predictions had already come true. I've even gone to see his lectures in Los Angeles.

He loses me a bit with the lizard people from another dimension, but the rest of the book is so thoroughly footnoted there is no way he's merely spewing nonsense. The great part about the book is a lot of has already happened: Henry Ford cooperating with Nazis, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and how religions were born around the earth all at roughly the same time based on fear, guilt, and ultimately control. If you look at any of the major religions on their face, there are minute differences between them.

Which then leads me to wonder? What exactly is their agenda?

To that end, I'm not sure. This I am certain of: Every false flag operation has one thing in common: a Patsy. This is going to piss a lot of people off, while I may not be sure of what the government has planned, I can tell you exactly who the Patsy is: Black Lives Matter. While I'm sure many people involved in the movement are well-intentioned many don't realize that they are being co-opted by the exact forces, they claim to oppose.

I openly admit that I voted for Barack Obama. Not just once. Twice. But I am starting to wonder, isn't it convenient that this country went through “The Week From Hell” while he was conveniently out-of-town the goverment had support to pass legislation putting “Black Lives Matter” in the same club as ISIS? That's not much different than your wife drowning in the bathtub while you were on a business trip. I do like to think Barack Obama is also a well-intentioned person, but I'm starting to wonder and the like Scarface: who do I trust?


And lastly, when it comes to the birth of “Black Lives Matter” as being nothing more than a hashtag on Twitter (#blacklivesmatter / #BLM), I am calling bullshit. While I hate to keep going back to the subject, the first post on this blog concerned Charlie Sheen's HIV status. Within 24 hours you couldn't Google my name without seeing Charlie Sheen, my server was getting 6000 hits per minute, and I even received accolades from the New York Times.

The one thing I couldn't do: Start a hashtag on Twitter. Do you know how I know that?

Because I tried.

Just search Twitter for the #Charlieshasthebug (“the bug” is a hip-hop slang term I co-opted from Public Enemy).

Now you would figure, with all that free exposure I could at least get my crummy hashtag rolling, but it went exactly this far:

In closing, I would like to reach out to the organizers of Black Lives Matter and tell them, like Public Enemy, don't believe the hype! By spreading fear, Xenophobia and Hate, you are doing the government's work for them! People divided are much easier to conquer than people that are united.

And yes, some people did unite:


Get the picture yet?


It's not like I make money writing this. Donations are always appreciated! Much thanks to the people have helped me keep writing! 🙂

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I Am Doing a Charlie Sheen AMA On Reddit

I have no idea why I didn't think of this first, but I am doing an AMA on Reddit about the Charlie Sheen incident. The link can be found here, feel free to join in on the conversation:

IamA I Broke at the Charlie Sheen HIV Story before the Mainstream Media AMA! from IAmA

Charlie Sheen May Be Prison Bound!

I hate to tell you, but told you so. My Google alert for “Charlie Sheen HIV” picked up this activity today:

Prison-Bound? Charlie Sheen ‘Faces Criminal Liability’ In HIV Cover-Up

Secret recordings prove actor lied about having the deadly disease.

Charlie Sheen was caught on tape confessing he hid his HIV-positive status from one of his lovers — and he could now face serious time behind bars for the cover-up, according to legal experts.

In chilling tapes secretly recorded by Sheen’s former lover and obtained by, not only did the 50-year-old actor admit to having unprotected sex with her after his HIV-positive diagnosis, but he also told the woman he was clean before they did the deed.

Read the rest of the article:

My Interview From the Morning Radio Show Tour

I thought this was cool, so I posted it. I found a Soundcloud of my radio interview on 1051 The Blaze.

Originally posted here:

There were a bunch of other radio interviews but I don't know if there are more audio archives.

This is the Facebook reaction from when I spilled the beans about Charlie Sheen having HIV on the Heidi and Frank Show. It is kind of funny to read now.

We talk to Jason Quinlan, formerly in the porn industry, about how he knew Charlie Sheen had the HIV virus for the last 4 years. Here's his blog explaining his experience.

Posted by The Heidi and Frank Show on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lastly, here is my personal soundcloud with every band I've ever played in, as well as a bunch of home recordings, if you are interested:

I am getting ready to drop another chapter of the book, so stay tuned.


Charlie Sheen Got My Twitter Account Deleted!!

My personal twitter account got shut down for a “HIPAA Compliance Violation“. I can't prove that it was Charlie Sheen himself or one of his “fixers”, but I can't think of anyone else the suspension could apply to.

I guess he wasn't too happy about some announcements I made about his HIV status. It takes Twitter awhile to follow-up on complaints, so my account didn't get whacked until just last week. Who knows? It could have been the work of Robert Huizenga.

Ironically, Charlie Sheen had already come out on The Today Show and fed the world a mouth full of bullshit-soup. It's kind of a drag, because I had a ton of Twitter followers, especially in the wake of the Charlie Sheen incident.

I know, I promised not to talk about Charlie Sheen anymore, but I really liked my Twitter account, not as much is he likes men, but it was a good way to reach out to people.

Rather than making a big deal about it, I would like to put this up to a vote:

Which one is worse?

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You heard it here first: Look for a scathing piece about Charlie in the New York Times! It should come out in the middle of next week.

In summation…

I made a new personal twitter account and if you would like to follow me this is it:

If you are just interested in the blog updates:

Lastly, you can join my e-mail list and you will get e-mailed when this blog updates. I promise, no spam.


Look for a new chapter to be published in the next couple days,

Charlie Sheen Sex Tapes EXPOSED!


Remember, you heard it here first. Not surprisingly the story gets more twisted every day! According to Radar Online: Not only was Charlie paying off ex-lovers, publications , but also paying to conceal a minimum of 5 sex tapes containing  “The C Man” in copulation with women, trannies, and men.

The Los Angeles district Atty. is pursuing charges against Sheen. The prosecutor's office is seeking a victim to confirm they (it) had unprotected sex without being informed his HIV+ status, he faces up-to-8 years in prison per charge! If these counts are run consecutively, rather than concurrently, Charlie could be spending life in the Graybar motel.

I know dozens of Charlie Sheen's sexual partners, but I don't know a single person he's warned in advance.

He is a sociopath to the highest order.


HIV Test at PersonaLabs

Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Speaking of fleas…

It is still a mystery how Dr. Robert Huizenga is not catching any heat in this debacle. Some of you might remember him as being a witness for the defense on the dream team in 1995 defending O.J. Simpson.

Here is the story, fresh off the press…

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HIV+ Sheen paid millions to hide XXX videos with men, movie stars, and more!

HIV+ Sheen paid millions to hide XXX videos with men, movie stars, and more!

Not only was Charlie Sheen once the highest paid actor on television — he was also the best paying casting agent in the sex tape business!

The former Two and a Half Men star was forced to pay out millions of dollars in frantic hush money to ensure at least five home-recorded XXX videos were never made public, has exclusively learned.

Find Out The Criminal Background Of ANYONE – find out dirt on people you can't even find in Google! Used by private investigators!!

 Read this story hot off the press: Read more at Radar Online —>>>

It's a sick world we live in these days,

Friday 11/20 “Don’t Tell Me How To Ruin My Life” 6 City Morning Radio Show Tour

I (Jason Quinlan /
the author of “Don't Tell Me How To Ruin My Life”) /  the first guy to break in the Charlie Sheen HIV story two days ahead of mainstream media and Charlie's lie fueled appearance on The Today Show will be doing a six-city morning radio tour on the following stations.

All times in Eastern Standard…

9:00 Panama City, FL
WYYX – Stroke Mastro

9:10 Tucson, AZ
KLPX – Frank and Sherm


9:30 Albany, NY
Albany, NY WPYX
Quinn & Cantara

9:40 Fresno, CA
Fresno, CA KKBZ
Gus and Izzy

9:50 Yakma, WA
Yakima, WA KMGW
Baby Joel in the Morning

I will be dishing additional dirt on the developments this week as well, as hinting about the girl who is about to come that will ruin his life even more than it already is.

Tune in if you can.

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Charlie Sheen is FULL OF SHIT! HERE IS WHY….

Charlie Sheen reported on The Today Show with Matt Lauer he's known of his HIV positive status for 4 years, always had protected sex, and informed every sexual partner of his diagnosis.

That is bullshit…

No matter if you are an A-list actor or a homeless person — under California law, all new HIV infections must be reported to the Health Department:

H&S Code Section 121022(a) requires health care providers and clinical laboratories to report HIV infection by patient name to the local health officer, and mandates local health officers to report unduplicated HIV cases by patient name to CDPH. CCR, Title 17, Sections 2641.5-2643.20 provide specificity for reporting cases of HIV –

The health department will ask the patient to disclose a list of their sexual partners. For Charlie Sheen, that would be a lengthy one. The Health department would then find, contact, and test each person to keep them from spreading a potentially life threatening disease.

How do I know?

I'm a tuberculosis survivor. <–  Cliff-notes 3/4 down.

I had atypical form of tuberculosis in the pleura of my chest cavity. I didn't have the “whooping-cough” normally associated with TB. The doctors said there was little chance I had transmitted TB, but were bound by Hippocratic Oath to turn my name over to the health department.

It was a giant pain in the ass.

Does anyone else find it odd Charlie Sheen didn't have to go though such formalities?

If the understaffed California Health Department had to track all the bed-mates of a guy who openly admits to having sex with over 5000 women — when do you think this story would have surfaced?

Simple answer: 2011.

In the interview, Charlie claims to have informed every woman he's slept with of his HIV+ condition.

Let's do the simple math on that:

Charlie Sheen is 50 years-old. 5000 divided by 50 equals 100 women per year. For simplicity's sake, we'll assume Charlie's been a cocksman since the age of zero.

Meaning, in four years, he's informed 400 women he is HIV-positive! If this is the case — when do you think this story would've broken?

Simple answer: 2011.

Not surprisingly, Matt Lauer was throwing some serious softball questions, but you didn't need to be a polygraph machine to see the guy was full of shit.

Worse, the choice of tweets from viewers were ridiculous. How many “the most vile man on Earth” or “complete scumbag” messages do they have to dig through to find those gold nuggets?

In closing, Charlie…


Also of interest…

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