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Don’t Tell Me I Can’t End My Life!

“I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn't know I could commit suicide at any time.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Check fraud Jason Quinlan
Just when you think life can't kick you in the teeth any worse, it does.

Quick recap…

1. I was completely screwed over by my piece of shit partners. That was three years ago and the beginning of my descent.

2. 2015 happened.

3. I lost my dream house, and now I'm living homeless after moving back to Atlanta.

4. The day I returned I couldn't feel any sensation in my left fingers; they were weak, and I have lost all motor skills. It winds up I came down with “cubital tunnel syndrome“, most likely caused by having my arm resting on the driver's side door on the three day trip across the country. Despite what all the trolls and the haters are saying in the comments of the blog my three favorite things to do in life is going to the gym, mountain biking and playing guitar. I haven't been able to do any of this stuff in two months, and it's likely I never will again.

5. Today I found out that I have been the victim of check fraud (see above) and what little money I had left is completely gone.

In the meantime, Charlie Sheen, who is easily 1000 times more evil of a person than I ever thought of being is slowly becoming a hero and an AIDS activist and that makes me vomit.

I still have so many more stories to tell of my “glory days,” Some of them are funny, and I probably should stick around long enough to re-account them, but at this point, I don't even feel like I'm living for pretending like there were any “good old days.”

I'm just existing.

I can exist anywhere. Right now I would prefer to be 6 feet below the ground.

If there is anyone out there, please remove the albatross from my neck or just let me die. I am beyond taking it anymore.

As a caveat, I have a bunch of stupid motherfucking trolls that ride my nuts in the comments of this blog. I am sure they will try to blame this on drugs or alcohol. The fact is, I've been basically sober for over a year now (for the most part). I suppose you are going to blame the cubital tunnel syndrome and the check fraud on the drugs?

Before you start doing that, I've made up a nice batch of blue Kool-Aid for you.

Drink it.

If you would like to help me keep writing so I don't have to keep sneaking into Starbucks for WIFI and can actually order of mocha Frapuccino, donations are always appreciated!

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t End My Life!”

  1. As my now dead, drunken Black Irish Stepfather always said to no one in particular and everyone when given the chance: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Fuck ’em.

  2. The truth is that there are many choices we can make in life, most of them can be undone or otherwise retracted, modified, or worked with. Death, however, is final and has no alternate outcome, no get back, no taking it back.

    That choice is rarely a good one, because you give up the 40+ years you have coming to you (average) to resolve issues by not resolving them.

    Want to resolve issues? Get a job. I mean, a “J-O-B”. Go push boxes in a warehouse or load trucks or sweep floors, get a tech support or phone support job, or whatever. Make enough money to exist. Pay your room, pay the basics, and learn to live again from the bottom up. While you do that, work on your other stuff, aspire to be more, but always keep your two feet soundly on the little part of the world that is that damn J-O-B. Stay clean, stay sober, don’t live in bars, don’t party, stay sane, sleep at night, work all day… and slowly a new reality will emerge, probably much healthier than the one you have lived in for a long time.

    Try reality. It works.

    1. I am a webmaster, an entrepreneur – I make money but I’ve been screwed a lot lately in recent business ventures. I just need to work on the business for

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