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This is my favorite trick I like to do with combining Beyond blue dream weed, some budder, and nitrous oxide. The following euphoria will be the best ever for about five seconds. If they could make a drug that lasts 20 minutes feeling like this…on second thought, they had better not or these blog posts would end here.

Hopefully my last two posts weren't that depressing.

I am working on the final edits of “The Jerry Springer Incident” I hope to have that to you guys by the end of the weekend.

In the meantime, happy Friday and yes that is a very poor David Chapelle impersonation.


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4 thoughts on “This Blog Has No Content”

  1. Your gonzo Hunter S style has been done and done better by…I don’t know…just to name one Hunter S.

    Making fun of addiction is really not a sustainable topic and it really gets boring after a couple of entries.

    Formula…have something to do…take drugs…deal with the situation that is now a problem because of the drugs.

    Rather predictable and boring don’t you think – I do.

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