Charlie Sheen Got My Twitter Account Deleted!!

My personal twitter account got shut down for a “HIPAA Compliance Violation“. I can't prove that it was Charlie Sheen himself or one of his “fixers”, but I can't think of anyone else the suspension could apply to.

I guess he wasn't too happy about some announcements I made about his HIV status. It takes Twitter awhile to follow-up on complaints, so my account didn't get whacked until just last week. Who knows? It could have been the work of Robert Huizenga.

Ironically, Charlie Sheen had already come out on The Today Show and fed the world a mouth full of bullshit-soup. It's kind of a drag, because I had a ton of Twitter followers, especially in the wake of the Charlie Sheen incident.

I know, I promised not to talk about Charlie Sheen anymore, but I really liked my Twitter account, not as much is he likes men, but it was a good way to reach out to people.

Rather than making a big deal about it, I would like to put this up to a vote:

Which one is worse?

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You heard it here first: Look for a scathing piece about Charlie in the New York Times! It should come out in the middle of next week.

In summation…

I made a new personal twitter account and if you would like to follow me this is it:

If you are just interested in the blog updates:

Lastly, you can join my e-mail list and you will get e-mailed when this blog updates. I promise, no spam.


Look for a new chapter to be published in the next couple days,

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6 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Got My Twitter Account Deleted!!”

  1. FYI, your email account has a bug attached to it. When you emailed me last week, it triggered an error message that has remained on my email account.

  2. Your gmail account. I replied to your message and now I have an error message every time I use that email address, which is thankfully not very often.

  3. Where in the poll is the option, “supposedly knowing that an HIV positive guy was going around sleeping with women and not telling them and rather than contacting the authorities about this because of concern for others, instead using the knowledge to blackmail him?”

    You are an absolute riot. You have the unmitigated gall to write self-righteous blog posts, completely oblivious to the fact that you are a sub-human piece of shit.

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