The Charlie Sheen Lied On The Today Show!



1. Why Charlie Sheen is full-of-shit in his interview with Matt Lauer!
2. Why Dr. Robert Huizenga failed to report Sheen's HIV+ status to the health department!

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24 thoughts on “The Charlie Sheen Lied On The Today Show!”

  1. Thank you for exposing Charlie Sheen for he liar he is. I truly hope the CA Department. Of Health looks into this. He should be criminally charged.

  2. When do you estimate that Charlie was diagnosed as HIV positive? What specific date in 2011?

    I ask because the Sheen team is saying the diagnosis occurred after the end of the “Torpedo of Truth” tour – so sometime in the May to December 2011 time frame. However, he was already taking steroids in February-March 2011, while Bree was still living with him. Something is off… any idea on the time line here?

    1. I have emailed numerous people at the CA DEPT OF HEALTH regarding this criminal matter.

      Bree Olson on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius, yesterday, November 18, 2015, stated that Charlie Sheen withheld his HIV+Status. It has been removed from YouTube as of this morning.

  3. Assuming EVERY bit of information recently provided by the Sheen legal team is technically correct, here’s the most GENEROUS timeline anyone can offer:

    1) Charlie Sheen contracted HIV in May 2011
    2) Charlie Sheen was diagnosed as HIV-positive in June 2011
    3) the ‘powers that be’ insist that all exact dates regarding Sheen’s contraction of HIV and his diagnosis as such must remain confidential…

    Less generously, I heard that ‘salt-less’ naive sub-billionaires would admit he was diagnosed in the ‘tiger blood’ era or earlier….

    In any case, my best wishes to the unprotected thousands.

    Godspeed! 🙂

    1. Not only did he put his direct partners is at risk, put a second generation of possible victims at risk, who then put our third and so on and so on… To say that he only expose thousands is a conservative estimate.

      1. CORRECT! I am also thinking he may be responsible for several of the HIV outbreaks in the porn industry in recent years. What do you think, Jason?

  4. Thank you, Admin… the malevolent mathematics involved here is exponential… indeed.

    The VERY least he could do is disclose the exact date on which Dr. Robert Huizenga confirmed Charlie’s diagnosis as HIV positive….

    Of course, that will never happen given legal considerations….

    Hollywood is a closed circle of you know what….

    1. Yes, but he fucked up by confirming he’s been there the whole time on National TV… He was the doctor repaired with Charlie in the Matt Lauren interview

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