Charlie Sheen is FULL OF SHIT! HERE IS WHY….

Charlie Sheen reported on The Today Show with Matt Lauer he's known of his HIV positive status for 4 years, always had protected sex, and informed every sexual partner of his diagnosis.

That is bullshit…

No matter if you are an A-list actor or a homeless person — under California law, all new HIV infections must be reported to the Health Department:

H&S Code Section 121022(a) requires health care providers and clinical laboratories to report HIV infection by patient name to the local health officer, and mandates local health officers to report unduplicated HIV cases by patient name to CDPH. CCR, Title 17, Sections 2641.5-2643.20 provide specificity for reporting cases of HIV –

The health department will ask the patient to disclose a list of their sexual partners. For Charlie Sheen, that would be a lengthy one. The Health department would then find, contact, and test each person to keep them from spreading a potentially life threatening disease.

How do I know?

I'm a tuberculosis survivor. <–  Cliff-notes 3/4 down.

I had atypical form of tuberculosis in the pleura of my chest cavity. I didn't have the “whooping-cough” normally associated with TB. The doctors said there was little chance I had transmitted TB, but were bound by Hippocratic Oath to turn my name over to the health department.

It was a giant pain in the ass.

Does anyone else find it odd Charlie Sheen didn't have to go though such formalities?

If the understaffed California Health Department had to track all the bed-mates of a guy who openly admits to having sex with over 5000 women — when do you think this story would have surfaced?

Simple answer: 2011.

In the interview, Charlie claims to have informed every woman he's slept with of his HIV+ condition.

Let's do the simple math on that:

Charlie Sheen is 50 years-old. 5000 divided by 50 equals 100 women per year. For simplicity's sake, we'll assume Charlie's been a cocksman since the age of zero.

Meaning, in four years, he's informed 400 women he is HIV-positive! If this is the case — when do you think this story would've broken?

Simple answer: 2011.

Not surprisingly, Matt Lauer was throwing some serious softball questions, but you didn't need to be a polygraph machine to see the guy was full of shit.

Worse, the choice of tweets from viewers were ridiculous. How many “the most vile man on Earth” or “complete scumbag” messages do they have to dig through to find those gold nuggets?

In closing, Charlie…


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9 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen is FULL OF SHIT! HERE IS WHY….”

  1. Sheen is full of shit, but not for the reasons you outline. He’s definitely lying about a lot, but you miss one really obvious reason the above might all make sense:

    He wasn’t diagnosed in California.

    1. So you were selected for an aids test? I don’t think it matters where the test was taken, it’s what state you were a resident of

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